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To my neighbors and patients,

During this active viral & allergy season, when just leaving the house with a sick child can cause anxiety, let the medical specialist come to you.

As a parent and Pediatric Pulmonologist, I understand the importance of balancing the concerns of your child’s respiratory health vs maintaining social isolation.
With this in mind, I am offering house-calls to bring the medical care to you.

I come to your home in full PPE gear with portable lung function testing and other diagnostic and treatment equipment. (And carefully bagged stickers & lollipops for the end of each visit!)

This is a scary time, especially when you have a sick child. For respiratory and allergy concerns where your local pediatric pulmonologist can possibly help (heavy breathing, congestion, cough, drip, pounding head, and the like), please call my office at 914-242-0445 for more information or to schedule a house-call.
Stay home. Stay safe.

Lewis J. Kass, MD

Lawrence Ruck, D.C.

200 S Broadway
Tarrytown, New York
(914) 844-7712

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My sports chiropractic business will continue to offer valuable services, albeit in the online/virtual format. I believe my home care advice, injury-specific protocols for self-management, and rehab plans are highly effective.

I am offering a variety of interactive telemedicine services for conservative management of musculoskeletal conditions: acute injuries (sprains and strains), acute or chronic back pain, one time consultations, as well as individualized live rehab sessions.

Following consultation, you will receive:
-Individualized summary report of our discussion
-Pictures or video links of rehab exercises
-Online scheduled interaction through
-Follow up text message/email correspondence

Jennifer Klar
Author: Jennifer Klar