We Are Stronger Together.
To Grow.

Our Local Goods needs to populate the detailed information of all of Westchester County’s small businesses at the same time to be a collective resource for the community. Having a robust platform will increase the likelihood of success.

History has shown that most businesses do not have the insight, resources, or motivation to upload the necessary information themselves.

A Moment To Move Forward.

This is an opportunity for Sponsors to help our businesses in a groundbreaking way by building the e-Local experience for them.

Sponsorships will provide the funding needed for Our Local Goods to onboard a grouping of local businesses by locality or category and promote the website to the community.

Sponsors will be advocating for the small businesses in their community by providing a digital infrastructure these businesses need to continue to grow and thrive.

Our Local Goods offers:

A web presence that is strategic. All businesses have a well thought out beautiful landing page that is simple to update.

A path to reach consumers throughout the County. Providing shops greater access to the Westchester Community when they are searching for goods and services, putting businesses front and center at the right place at the right time during the local buyer’s journey. Increasing foot-traffic to them.

A plan for the future. Providing the tools to adapt to the permanent consumer behavior shift that has resulted from COVID.

A platform for promoting the Sponsors commitment to the local community. Sponsors will be front and center showing their support by being prominently featured on the website and by creating their own storefront page highlighting their business and their advocacy for small businesses and the community.